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Let's Win an Award.

Award winning Kitchen design photography                                               Award winning Kitchen design by Nicole Yee Interiors
How winning an award will give your business a boost in many ways, plus recommended steps for a winning submission.

Michelin Star Restaurants, 5-Star Amazon Reviews, Positive Google Reviews. There is a reason these types of rating or award systems are in place. Consumers want the best.  

Architects, Builders and Designers are you ready to set your business apart and receive free publicity in the process? Let’s dive into why awards are important for your business and how to create a strong submission. Award season is now so let’s get started. 

WHY? If you’re uncertain whether submitting your project for an Award is the right move, read on.

  1. Build credibility. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, consumers want to buy the best. Showing prospects and clients you ARE the best will boost your credibility in the market.
  2. Increase Business and Rates. According to Best Business Awards, award-winning small businesses can see a 63% increase in income and a 39% growth in sales.
  • Thinking about increasing your rates? When you’re the “premier award-winning firm” people expect they will pay more for a project.

 3. Free publicity. Having a third party tell the world you’re a winner is powerful stuff. Not having to pay to get the word out is even better!

4. Employee Recruiting. Just as we like to buy from winners, people like to work for winners. In this difficult labor market, showing candidates you’re an award winner will increase your applicant pool.

5. Client & Employee Retention. Just like recruiting, we like to work with/for winners. We like to tell our friends and family about our employer’s successes.


According to’s, who hosts its own awards competition shared, “7 Tips for Creating a Winning A+ Award Submission.” The #1 item on their list?


Architizer states, We get many submissions with weak images that don’t do justice to the projects they portray.” takes this further and states “High quality images improve your chances of being featured in a magazine, or if you wish to submit your work for an award, spectacular photos increase your chances when competing in design awards.

Here are highlights of some of the remaining items from Architectizer’s guide:

#2 Craft a great project description.

#3 Submit in more than one category. Increase your chances of being recognized for an award by submitting to more than one category.

#4 Highlight the positive impact of your work.

#5 Look to past winners for inspiration.

Now is the time to add Awards to your marketing and sales strategy. Greg West Photography has helped many of our client’s represent their award-worthy projects in the best possibly light.