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Welcome to our Blog. Through The Lens.

Greg West Photography delivers high-end architectural and interior photography for Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders throughout the Northeast.

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It’s me! Delise West, aka “the spouse” of Greg West (Photography). We’ve decided it’s time Greg West Photography has a blog.

Why? We like to take our client relationships beyond just a photoshoot and offer up introductions, articles, and ideas, to help your business grow! Some of you have experienced this first-hand. Plus, after being entrepreneurs with a combined experience of 60 years, we have A LOT of information to share. Our goal is for you to walk away with a nugget of information you can apply to your business. 

We’ll cover the following types of topics:

  • Insights for entrepreneurs
  • Marketing tips and resources
  • Sales tips and resources
  • Architectural & Interior Photography and what’s new – well duh!
  • 3D Virtual Tours – double duh!
  • Maybe even a joke or two

How often will you hear from us?

We won’t stuff your inbox we promise, which is why you’ll only hear from us monthly.

So, who are we?

Meet Greg West

  • Greg was a petroleum transfer engineer (post a comment if you know what this is)
  • His father built his own boat and sailed it from Texas to the Bahamas and back to Virginia
  • He is a Formula1 racing fanatic
  • Greg’s motto: “I can help with that”

Meet Delise West

  • I grew up with Molly Ringwald – Actually I was friends with her older sister Beth
  • Greg and I met when we were both ski bums in Lake Tahoe, CA
  • I love old-school rap – Snoop!
  • Delise’s motto – “Be kind and stay curious”

Common passion: Our son Jackson, away at college, and 2 Labradoodles Mocha and Winston

We hope to hear from you. WE LOVE FEEDBACK so please share your thoughts about any post as well as topics you’d like to see us discuss.

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